Friday, 3 February 2012

Tot School: The Crazy Tot

Tot School Report: CNY Week

This is a summary of Tiger activities during the crazy Chinese New Year Week.
I should have posted these last week..but..
we have been busy.

He was 19 months then

Here is a list of crafty stuff we did in the past two weeks:

We also did some bubble wrap printing

Although, he was more interested in hand printing  =)

We did a lot of tot trays as well:

Here is the link for the setup:

He enjoyed the ornament mug tree

He loves shapes and this pop-up book.
Here he was saying "star"
He knows square and circle, sometimes triangle  =)

I added a Math tray but he didn't like it.
This boy just want the numerals and not the dots  =.="
I'll have to replace the dots with Thomas the train soon

So, we replaced the math tray with these sticky alphabet.

Then, one of the days, he went into crazy tot-school mode and
did all of these in the span of an hour, in unschooling style, totally unplanned...

 He doodled over the entire 'mahjong' paper

Took the clock puzzle from the shelf and completed it (with some help)

Magnetic 3-piece farm animal puzzle:
Again, he chose this activity himself
He is able to match the colours but require some help to put the pieces together

Practised his Chinese with the ang-pows.
Here he was pointing to a character as he reads in gibberish.

Sensory bin
More sensory fun, one-to-one correspondence, scooping,
making a mess  =)

He was very into Chicka chicka for some time but right now, not so
So fickle

More puzzles:
He is a little cuckoo about puzzles, as you can see ..
He enjoyed this Giant Alphabet Floor puzzle.
Required a lot of help.
He generally ask for help when he becomes frustrated.
So, I pointed out where to place them but he pieced them together himself.

We ended the day with some reading in his little corner.
He is already used to reading here =)
He can also find his fav books from looking at the book spines.

After the adrenaline-driven frenzy, he was still bouncing everywhere whereas I was totally exhausted.

Favourite Tot School Moment:
Reading to Starbucks bear, who seems to understand gibberish.

On rare occasions, Tiger goes into crazy tot mode. Most of the time, however, we play school for about an hour with far lesser activities.

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Anonymous said...

hi, your boy's life very interesting! :D
i search the info for the Sticky Alphabet and drop by here.

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