Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Writing: Chinese New Year Worksheets

Disclaimer: Worksheets means painting/scribbling/drawing to Tiger. No, we don't practise tripod grips or insist on good handwriting here. It's all about fun.

I was planning to so some plumbing and cleaning, so we were slacking a little. The little monkey seemed to notice and the moment I got home, he was bugging to go "up' and "book". Thank God we have passed the You tube phase for now. Lately, it was all about books  ^.^

He picked out his stickers at first and so I printed out some magnet pages under the Chinese New Year Theme from Making Learning Fun. Gosh, I love this site, seriously. At the last minute, he decided that he wanted to do dot painting instead. He just grabbed them from his art center.

I adore his concentration. I just sit back and stare at his little face.

Then he wanted to paint with his Crayola paint brushes.
I printed a CNY card from activity village.
Excellent site for activities and printouts for older kids.

These are his worksheets for the day.
Check out the O is for Oranges. Not bad, huh?
I didn't realise it was so neat until I saw this picture 
The card, despite its appearance, will be given to Daddy.

Can I just show off a little more?
You can stop reading if you want to...
I just need a reminder why I am doing all this crazy work....

He was playing with his fractions puzzles (that he still couldn't master but love)
when he was distracted by the sticky alphabets on the whiteboard.

He removed Letter 'p' and said peh, peh, peh.
With his back facing me, I could see he was placing it onto the top row of his giant floor puzzle.
I thought he was placing it randomly but this was what he did.
An upside down 'p' is a lowercase 'd'!!

No praises or cheers, he picked up letter 'z' and placed it on the puzzle.

Then, letter 'o'.

After 'o', he abandoned the game and asked for singing.
We did his Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Song, his current hit song.
Downloaded for free from You tube.
This is how he sings it.
He would point to the alphabets in the book while listening to the song.
I usually read the sounds and let the song do the names of the alphabets.

After that. we did some trays and I tried to engage him in Doman Math spots game.
He didn't seem too interested but I'll let you know how the new method goes.

@@@  5 days to Chinese New Year @@@

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melissa said...

There's nothing wrong with painting/scribbling/drawing! He looks awfully busy at work there :)

You certainly don't seem to be short on CNY ideas, but this link made me think of you! http://www.thecraftycrow.net/2012/01/crafts-for-chinese-new-year.html

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