Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Making A Greeting Card for Grandpa

I'm back! Happy Chinese New Year (4th day) to all of our Chinese readers

This activity was done last Saturday but since we were busy visiting people's house to collect ang-pow (Tiger) and giving away ang-pow (Mommy), this is a late post.

After the last glitter mess incident, we did the work outdoors ^.^

First, I let him play with the ELC easy painters to decorate a poster with his name.

Then we took out the printout that he had already chop-chop earlier
and added glitter to the wording.

As with the first time, he liked to play with the glitter more than the intended use.

The product/card which I laminated.
Grandpa loved it but he ermmm, had some difficulty reading the character with all the glitter

@@@ Happy Chinese New Year @@@

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