Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Toys: Playroom Update 2

This post is a reminder of the setup as I rotate Tiger's toys. As my gestation progresses, my IQ drops.

Ask me what I had for breakfast and I'll need a minute to recall...haha! Leaky brain.

The alphabet wall decals were from his study room.
The Days Of The Week Bears has been ravaged but still holding up.
We moved the alphabet EVA mat into the room. He loves the mat by the way.

He has a new tent.
I thought it would be handy for camping theme later :)
Came with a Indian teepee (For Indian theme, haha) and a crawling tunnel
Currently, the tent houses his cars, some balls and soft toys

Speaking of soft toys, Tiger is one of those kids who loves them to bits.
He would kiss his bear, turtles and Scout (the dog) but not Mommy!
Unless I have a piece of food in my mouth, hah!
This is his new Dragon.
I think it is super cute that he walks around with it.

Anticipating the Dragon Year with glee!

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