Friday, 13 January 2012

Family: Mini "Lang Sai" and Tot-Schooling Uncles

Last night, my Lil sister and her not-so-little daughter, prettichubbi came over after their Tweedlewink class.
Their main intention was for me to buy dinner..yeah...
So, my two Lil bugger brothers
(who will be named white bro and black bro for anonymity purposes)
decided that they wanted a free meal as well.

This was the conversation in the car. (Spoken in true Malaysian English)

Me                          : Steamboat or Sushi?
White Bro               : Sushi. Very long didn't eat dy.
Me                          : Ok. Since xxxx (my sis) is paying
Sis                           : I got no money
Black bro                : I left my wallet at home (his standard answer)
White bro                : I have my Chatime card. You want?
Me                          : KNS betul la you all!! #$%$##$

KNS: Ka na sai (hokkein) --->  Like shit
betul (Malay) --->  really

I still had to pay   =.="

Note to self: Be very busy every Friday night if this is going to be regular thing.
I love my siblings but they are too expensive. 

After dinner, we went to Fun & Cheer. My lil sis wanted to buy some deco.
Then I casually hinted that Tiger really wanted the mini lang sai and how my white bro never bought him anything before....hehehe...evil grin
Got it..wahahaha
Here is my white bro demonstrating. It is a little snug for his gigantic head.

Sharing with the baby aka bully.
Prettichubbi kept making Tiger cry by snatching his Chicka Chicka book.
Poor Tiger, his only response was lip pursing and finally when it was too much, he burst into tears.
My gentle little boy didn't even try to take it back...
All he did was hug mommy and cried 

Prettichubbi is so smart.
She can identify 'nose' already, hers and the "lang sai's"

Looking for the canned drink we hid in the head.

After Prettichubbi left, Tiger demanded invited his uncles to join him in school.
Yeah, what a nerd!

He kept handing them his crayons and making them colour  ^.^

The boys at work
These will be the uncles who will introduce the world of gaming and porn to my kid..
*Headache setting in already*

Tiger kept his uncles busy until the whole paper was covered.
White uncle was saying "I hate art" the whole time...hehe...
No choice, he has only one nephew, so far...

Showing off his tot trays to his uncles.
This shy little boy of mine actually loves his uncles.
He kept asking them to follow him from room to room.
He was so excited that he was speaking in a different way.
Tiger even wanted to go home with them!

Nothing's more important than family and if there is one thing that I can teach Tiger, it will be

Family comes first.

We will be practising our lion dance with the new mini lang sai over the weekend.
Thanks guys!
I also promised Tiger swimming, painting, crafting, etc
There're cookies to buy, more cleaning to do...
Sunday is Kidzsport day and Hubby's annual dinner.
This is going to be a crazy weekend ^.^

@@@ 9 days to Chinese New Year @@@

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