Thursday, 5 January 2012

Chinese New Year Sensory Bin

Mommy have been bitten by the Chinese New Year (CNY) bug!
Besides cleaning like mad, we have already put up all the red and festive CNY decorations.

I would love to do a CNY activity a day and I am planning to delegate the some tasks to Grandma on the days I am working till late.
I am currently gathering ideas for toddlers and I will be more than happy to share all of them here.
I have pinned some of them on my Pinterest Chinese New Year Stuff board. So, feel free to repin.

We love sensory bins around here, so I thought why not have one for Chinese New Year?

This is our Chinese New Year Sensory Bin.
I keep his tools in a separate container to save time between bins.

A closer look at the bin.
Tiger will get to see it tonight!
His toy dragon decided to take a peek first..hehe..
1. Blossom flowers (base)
2. Angry bird Ang Pow packets
I am not a fan but the birds are red and each packet has a different greeting.
Can practise Chinese!!
3. A small pagoda
4. Two fire cracker ornaments
5. Two buckets of gold
6. Gold lumps
7. Red & orange pom-poms
8. Reuse ribbons and shiny balls from Christmas bin

Updated: 10th Jan 2011

Tiger & his love affair with the Dragon, his current BFF

First intro to his CNY bin.
Check out the grin  ^.^

We did a little transfering and he got bored quickly

Then he did a little scooping

@@@ 15 days to Chinese New Year @@@
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