Monday, 16 January 2012

Art & craft: Making A Glitter Dragon

This simple but messy activity is part of our Crafty CNY countdown.

  1. Empty container
  2. Glitter: Red and gold
  3. Template for the chinese character of Dragon from . They have other templates as well.
  4. Glue and brush

Print out template on coloured paper of choice.
Place paper in container

Use a brush to apply glue in the character.
Allow toddler to gently sprinkle glitter onto paper

 Gentle my butt!
Hehe  ^.^
The lil' monkey at work..
I forgot about the fact that he can uncap bottles.
Who wouldn't want to make a mess and let mommy do the clean up?
To his credit, he did want to help with the clean-up.
He asked for his 'boom' and made a bigger mess  =.="

I laminated Tiger's work so that the glitter stays put and displayed it in the living room.
Good job, babe!

We are nearly done with the 'spring cleaning'
Now I just have to google some plumbing for idiots and pray I don't flood the house.

@@@ 6 days to Chinese New Year @@@

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