Friday, 6 January 2012

Letter: Why I Love You So?

Letter To Tiger Thursday

Dear Tiger,

I am not sure how you perceive my growing belly but you rub it affectionately. So, I hope that's a good sign. Without a doubt I know you will be the best big brother in the world because you have such a big heart and don't mind sharing anything with others (except Grandma, who you bully to the max). I am already excited about you having a playmate and best friend.

You are such a rock star. When I come home tired, all it takes is your smile or a cheeky monkey grin to lift my spirit. Can you imagine the effect when I see you bouncing up and down, crying for me at the door? I know it is because you want to go to the park but what the heck, I'll take it as a sign of extreme affection.

Everyone keeps telling me that you have grown so much, so tall. Unfortunately, you will always be a baby in my eyes, even when you are fifty years old. On Tuesday, you surprised me by going down the slide alone. I guess it is time to let go a little...

When you climb up the stairs, you will always count in your haphazard manner.
"Six, four, nine..."

Here you were taking a break, pointing at me :)
What did I do?

Getting ready to go down.
You sit down way before the slide and shuffle your butt over.
So cute that I want to smack you but don't worry,
I didn't, that would have been disrespectful.

You will say  Wheee! when you slide down...

For some reason, you have always been a serious kid, even at play.

When it is time to leave, all I have to say is let's go see Snoopy (the neighbour's dog who died 3 weeks ago) and you would gladly take my hand and say bye-bye to the playground. No tantrums or major showdowns.

That's why I love you but what on Earth did I do to deserve you?

Lots of love,


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