Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Art & craft: Fingerpaint Handprint Dragon

Dear Tiger is 19 months today!

He is slowly changing from a sullen baby to a laughing kiddo.

I am also calling him by his Chinese name nowadays.
This week, he is able to identify himself by his English & Chinese names

Enough gloating...^.^.....

In my CNY cards post, I mentioned that he didn't allow me to trace his hands.
BUT I really wanted to make a dragon that was really his.
So, we changed plans and it was even more fun!

We used his finger paint and made prints while saying "Chop, Chop"
My little Mr Neat was reluctant to sit on the mat at first ????
So, he insisted on sitting on my lap, not that I minded  ^.^
After making several prints, I got up so that I could snap some pics.
He did fine!

Getting 'dirty'
We used a sponge applicator so that the colour is nice and even.

Getting the hang of it...

Tiger's handiwork

and the mess...
No worries, he is a bigger neat freak than I am.
Seriously, this kid has a problem with cleanliness.
He says "Uh-oh" at every little spot he sees.

Cleaning up by himself.
This is no child labour, I assure you.
Tiger cleaned for 10 minutes until he got the floor squeaky clean.
He was a little upset that the mat was still red after rubbing intensively.
He is for rent if anyone needs a maid. Price negotiable.
Caution: Eats a lot

After Tiger had gone to bed.
I stayed up to turn his art into a dragon.
Since he can't handle scissors yet, I did the cutting and drew the dragon head.

When he saw it the next morning, he said: "Eh, chop, chop!"
Then he gave me a big smile and did a jiggly dance.

For more ideas I have collected, check out my Pinterest page for CNY

@@@ 11 days to Chinese New Year @@@

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