Thursday, 12 January 2012

Little Dragon: 14 weeks

I am fourteen weeks along today and my Little Dragon is supposedly the size of a lemon. He or she is now kung-fu fighting with his/her flexible arms. Hey, my ancestors are from China, so don't mess with us.

Physically, I can palpate the top of my uterus and my boobs are growing proportionately. The last time I had Tiger, the 'girls' were out of control or maybe it is because I am already used to having them a little larger since having Tiger? Currently, I am still 48 kilos (Thank heavens). My weight will probably creep up steadily now that I am not nauseated or vomity.

Emotionally, I am a little temperamental. For example, I hate it when drivers cut into my lane and I swear a lot when I am driving. The other day, while driving in Klang, I refused a man in a rusty Datsun to cut into my lane. I was in his blind spot and he nearly drove into my car. So, I honked and refused to slow down for him. As a result, I had gotten the international sign of "f**k off" ie, his middle finger. What an ass!
Yeah, some Klang people are pretty idiotic. I would know, I'm from Klang. What kind of name is Klang anyway?

In conclusion, I am a dangerous driver now, so stay out the f*** out of my lane. (Told you I have a problem with swearing). Maybe just out of performing my civic duty, I should hang a sign in my car that says:

Stay Away! Pregnant Woman Driving!

I thank you, God for making the second trimester easier. Besides a daily dose of migraine, I am pretty much symptom free which means I will be out in full force until I become seriously whale-like. So, watch out...there is a mad, fat, swearing, dangerous pregnant woman driving in the roads near you...

World peace

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