Thursday, 19 January 2012

Activities: Red Packets/Ang Pow Time

As part of the Chinese New Year traditions, aunties like myself have to hand out red packets (紅包, hóngbāo) containing money to younger, unmarried relatives. So, will those who are old enough please just get hitched already? This is the first year hubby and I will be handing out the red packets. We didn't celebrate CNY the last two years after hubby's grandfather passed away.

I have fond memories of helping my own mom with the red packets. She used to have different categories like RM 10 for relatives and close friends, RM 5 for friends, RM 2 for workers, etc.

The packets are usually red for good luck. I have completed 200 packets for friends and relatives. That was no easy task..phew!

I wanted Tiger to help me and start a little tradition of our own one day. This morning, the opportunity presented itself.

This is his morning face.
No calender time because he saw my purse.
He loves to remove all the knick-knacks and hand out my money.  =.= "
So, I thought, why not try to do my siblings' red packets?
Yeah, the four bloodsuckers are in a different category.

Yawning away....
Hrmmm, you wouldn't think money's boring in a few years time..

Another yawn   =.= "
I showed him how to fold the money and he just kept going.
His uncles would be thrilled with the bulging cash.
Of course, I took the extras out  ^.^

 Tiger's work...Pretty neat!
There is one packet with an extra RM 50..thanks to Tiger!
Wonder who's getting it?
He also made two more for prettichubbi and himself  ^.^

@@@ 3 days to Chinese New Year @@@

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the2Balqis said...

Dear Jessica,

Juz wanna wish you a Happy CNY in advance...may you and family have a prosperous year ahead filled with good health and good fortune. By the way, congrats on your little dragon!

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