Monday, 2 January 2012

Tot School: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

A very Happy New Year to all!!

This is a combo post because I have been half dead/zombie for the past few weeks.
I am glad to announce that I am back to my usual hyper old self as we move into the second trimester.

We are totally immersed in preparing for Chinese New Year at the moment ^.^

Anyways, here's a run down on our Christmas activities.

Tiger with his mini Christmas tree from Fun & Cheer (RM 17)
I love his concentration.
Excellent for fine motor work and patience training.
Hmm, he did practise kicking the tree and throwing ornaments as well. (gross motor)

Mini Christmas Bin
He enjoyed stacking the drums!
The bin is placed next to his tree so that he can decorate as he wishes.
  1. A stocking
  2. Mini presents
  3. Drums
  4. Bells
  5. Gift ribbons
  6. Styrofoam peanuts

 The result of Mommy & Tiger's hard work

With his Christmas presents:
 He loves the alphabet robots and whiteboard that came with it.
Hates the bag. Too girly?

 Surprise of the week:
He did some dry pouring with  crayons..ha ha!
On his own initiative...proud mama moment

Favourite moment:
Tot School with Daddy

Tiger definitely caught the Christmas Bug.
Chose the red and green himself.
Who cares if it isn't in the line?

New Year Evening:
Finally did some painting after a long break from messy work.
It's a good sign for the new year. We are back in business!
Boy, was he anxious...
We took out his new Crayola Finger Paint, a cloth, a roller, a animal stencil and sponge brushes.

Mommy's Lil Picasso at work.

Since messy art means bathing outdoors, I gave him some bath crayons
 instead of the usual bath/pool toys.
A hit !!!

He was writing in the pool the whole time :)

This New Year was the quietest celebration I've had in a long time.
Some friends came over for drinks and my SIL bought a cheese cake.
We had to sing Happy Birthday three times for Tiger to blow the candle repeatedly.

I don't generally make resolutions for the New Year but 

here's to my Little Tiger:

1. I promise to love you more with each passing day
2. I will not love you any less if Little Dragon is a girl
3. We will do more activities before Mommy become a whale/hippo

...and my Little Dragon: 

I will breastfeed exclusively for as long as possible.

Happy New Year!!!
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