Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Little Dragon On The Way: 12 weeks

It's official...I am about to become a hippo again ^.^

Yup, we have a Little Dragon in the oven. Woohoo!!

That explains the tiredness and the license for laziness on my part. Totally legitimate...

I am excited, of course but I am definitely not looking forward to doubling my width. Also, I am moving and thinking at sloth speed which I cannot bear.

I am not going to pretend I love being pregnant, I absolutely hate it. Aesthetics aside, there are all the medical complications that may occur at every step of the way. It's like threading a minefield. Paranoia and OCD are some of the side effects of being in the medical field.

I am trying my level best to spend more time with Tiger before the baby's arrival.

Currently, he pats my little 12-weeks bulge when I ask him to sayang (love) his mei-mei (little sister). Yes, I am a little desperate for a little girl. I have a lot of explaining to do if his mei-mei ends up with a penis.

Progress (a la Bridget Jones)

Gestation: 12 weeks
Weight: 48 kg
Cravings: Non
Nausea : Gone
Boobs: Enlarging
Waistline: Disappearing
Sex drive: Off the charts (Ha ha!)
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