Friday, 2 December 2011


Tiger is a real good kid. Despite the fact that I always occasionally portray him in a bad light to make myself look good.

He's not just a 'dirty' kid.

He has also blossomed into a voracious 'reader' that matches his appetite for gummy bears.

These are some shots from Math Week when he was super hardworking and loved school. We are slacking a bit during Bugs Week but it's ok, we are going to have fun next week.

Lately, he has made it a habit to choose a book of his liking and bringing to me. Then he would sit in my lap as we read together. It warms my heart just thinking about it :)

For some reason, he loves this bulky nursery rhymes book.

Occasionally, he acts grown-up and brings it to his little table and 'reads' to himself.
He loves moving his finger along the print as he reads.

He looks so prim and proper here...

He thoroughly enjoyed all the books I have chosen for Math Week.
His No.1 book was this simple numbers book with bright pictures.
This was closely followed by: Please Get The Moon For Me.

Again with his favourite book.
Now he would go through all the books and give me a "All done"
Sometimes, we will go to his reading corner for more.

I love that he enjoys this little reading corner of his.
It is also Mommy's I-am-not-sleeping-Just-closing-my-eyes corner :p

This was last Sunday, immediately after he woke up from sleep.
What a nerd!

He also enjoys flipping through mommy's books.
Who said toddlers love picture books only?

Being a little monkey.
Books are for redecorating too...=.="

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