Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Family: A Weekend With Grandparents: Part 1

Did I mention that my Mom's a singer, not a pro but a wannabe? Haha...she loves singing as a hobby and she's really into singing competitions and all.  My Dad's really good too but he's kinda shy unless he's drunk.

Last Saturday was a Charity Dinner/Concert organised by my mom's singing coach. Yes, she has a voice coach 'roll eyes'. We were invited during the eleventh hour because my brothers refused to go. The crowd was too old for them it seems.

So, we went and enjoyed ourselves.

The Drama 'grand'Mama. I think she is radiating happiness in this pic  ^.^
Oh, she also scared the heck out of Tiger with her stage make-up.

The group performance

The proud Grandpa...managed to cuddle Tiger after hours of sweet talking and bribing.

The semi drunk Grandpa with Grandma's token of appreciation.
I see their relationship growing stronger as they grow older and it makes me all gooey and warm.

My lovely parents

I have to confess that most of the time Tiger was running around, dancing and harassing the dancers
instead of admiring Grandma's performance.
He even managed to charm the waiters at the bistro outside to give him a bun :)

I was exhausted after the show!

Goodnight kisses for my darling

I hope when I am old and participating in umm, say
International Crocheting Event..I hope my husband, my child and my grandchild will be in attendance.

Maybe I'll be the shuffling Grandma....
I can always hope, can't I?

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