Thursday, 15 December 2011

Year End Report Card

Letter To Tiger Thursday

Dear Tiger,

We haven't been doing much school work this week and I know you miss it.
Sorry, babe. Mommy's working late this week and I miss school time too. You kept asking for Up and when we are 'up', you will knock on your classroom door even if it's near bedtime.

Since it is school holidays for real in Malaysia, I think you deserve a break too for your stellar performance.

Report Card For 2010

Name: Tiger

Age: 18 months

Dear parent/guardian:

We have enjoyed having your lovely child in our class. He has shown excellent enthusiasm and an intense love of learning.

Tiger is a sharer and bonds well with children of all ages. He is also a neat and organised boy who loves to assist with cleaning.

He has a preference for numbers, puzzles and music which we hope you will continue to cultivate.

His gross, fine & social development is on track and satisfactory.

Although his speech development is a little slow, he shows good understanding of several languages.

Problems we have identified:
1. He is very keen on his pacifier.
2. He has made an unhealthy habit of linking Tweedlewink classes to biscuits/snack time.
3. He likes to pretend-fart

In summary, we are very pleased with his progress and we look forward to another fruitful year in 2012. He is a very bright child which is a trait we are sure he has inherited from his mother.

Teacher's signature:                                                                        Parent's signature:

.......XOXO...........                                                                        ................................

Note: A copy of the report card will be sent to Grandma and Daddy (for show off purposes as requested)

Year End School Excursion:
1-day Trip To Malacca aka eating trip
Models: Crazy Mommy aka teacher & Cutie Pie Tiger aka student
Prop: A pimped out trishaw

Yours truly,

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