Thursday, 22 December 2011

Family: Weekend With Grandparents: Part 2

On Sunday, we spent time with Daddy's Mom aka Ama/Nai Nai.
Actually, it was more like she spent time shopping with us but who's counting?

We planned to go to the indoor playground, Kidzsport at Empire 
but it was so dark and gloomy, we abandoned the idea.

We had lunch at Madam Kwan's where 4 plates of nasi lemak and three beverages cost RM170.
I wanted to pay but after seeing the bill, I just pretended to be busy with the kid
 and let the guy pick up the tab.
Next round on me, nasi lemak also but from mamak.

Then we walked around aimlessly and stopped at the giant inflatable snow globe.
Family shot for RM10..ok...

While waiting for our turn, Daddy went into Adidas.
I took this shot of Tiger messing up the store.
The sales guy said, "No" gently and Tiger broke down...

Finally, it was our turn in the globe.
I was worried he was going to cry but surprise, surprise,
he loved the fake snow and had a grand time.
Getting acquainted...

Happy boy!
I took it as a sign from God that we should have a snowy holiday soon.

Checking out the Christmas ornaments and deco

Tiger's Christmas presents so far
A Skip Hop Owl Bag (Daddy commented it was a girl's bag...dang) RM 90
Adidas Donald Duck Shoe (Happy colours for Chinese New Year) RM 136
Magnetic alphabets/robots (So cool!) RM 88

4 shirts from Pumpkin Patch RM151 (all 50% + 10%)
I am super cheapskate when it comes to clothes

*I have decided to picture and tag the prices of all purchases for Tiger from here on.
Partly for self control and partly for easy blackmail later on. 
Someone's gotta get me the adult diapers, you know..very useful, this blog

I didn't buy anything from Toy R us. Hah!

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