Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Holiday: No School Week

I love the title. It justifies my laziness and my love for food and holiday.

We took a short break and Daddy drove us to Penang Island for another stay at Hard Rock. The last time we went, Tiger was 6 months and he HATED the waters. I couldn't wait for him to see the sea and sand.

We stopped in Ipoh along the way for the yummy delicious Taugeh Chicken Rice and this is Tiger's rating of the food:
Gluttony in all its glory!!!
I love this pic of my greedy little boy..seriously, he eats anything..

This is the Taugeh. I think it wasn't as good anymore.
Service was horrible too.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we were checked in immediately.
The benefits of paying extra for King's Club/suite room.
I could get used to the rock star life..hmmm

My little surfer dude with Daddy.
Please don't ask how much the Quiksilver top cost.

 Poor boy, I took him on the water slide and he went under with me...
Poor baby... still holding his watering can.
He didn't cry though..

After that, he insisted on staying at the sanded wading pool.

At night, we drove around town and got lost AGAIN!!! We ended back at Gurney Drive and had the best cockles. Sorry no pictures, we were too hungry!

Day 2: We went for a morning walk on the beach

Tiger chilled out with Daddy..

We went to the Penang Museum which was clearly too boring for Tiger...
He slept the whole time..heehee

Then, we visited Fort Cornwallis before lunch at Mama's,
which is a nyonya food restaurant.
This was his only tantrum fit during the whole trip.
He wanted more food.

Back at the hotel.
Tiger was having flu, so we were supposed to play with sand only

This boy love sand, more than the sea or pool..

Ate some sand too...

Day 3: Pooping in the hotel, before breakfast..

Met this little girl during breakfast in the King's Club.
She is attending Shichida.
Nope, I didn't ask! I am not that kiasu..hehe...I saw her worksheets.
Notice how small and cute she is?  She is two but they are almost the same height

Then, I FORCED Daddy to bring us to the Butterfly Park.
It was still Bugs Week afterall  >.<

This is 'his' way of signing butterfly.
He called them kah kah, his universal word for all bugs.

The butterfly/lover swing

The park is small but quaint, like how everything is in Penang.
I love it. It means shorter tours and just right for Tiger's attention span.

 I tried reading the bugs' names out loud but he wouldn't let me.
See Mommy's fake smile?
The kiddo just wanted to roam free...

Grand total for a 3 days trip came up to about RM 3000, including travel, accommodation and food.  
Thanks Daddy, we love our mini trip...muaks..... 

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