Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tot School: Bugs Week

This is part 1 of Bugs Week and as expected, my Boss, the Tiger didn't like the trays.
Part 2, the holiday; he likes  ;)
He called everything, from ants to lizards 'Kah Kah'.
Mommy: Spider
Tiger: Kah kah
Mommy: Beetle
Tiger: Kah kah
Mommy: Caterpillar
Tiger: Kah kah
 You get the picture....

I forgot to take a picture of the Tot Tray setup :p 

This messy bug bin was a hit.
He searched for it EVERYDAY.
I hid it, of course :p
Otherwise, this will be all that we do ^.^

There aren't many pics this week due to the fact that
he likes to cover the camera lens with his hands nowadays.

Like this, in a I-am-a-celebrity-get-outta-my-way-you-paparazzi kinda way!!

This is one of the trays.
It was supposed to be a mystery bag but he refused to put his hand in.
This is quite a cool set.

I copied this from Math week.
I was neither imaginative nor very inspired by bugs, sorry kiddo...
We used alphabets A to N instead.

We enjoyed his new dry erase board.
We use Crayola's Dry Erase Crayons instead of markers (for cleaning purposes)
He was such an artist this week.
I wrote letter 'n' and we traced it  together many times
Note: The ugly stick figure at the upper right corner is Mommy's work.
So is the cute bee & butterfly

Printout from
He used the new bright dry erase crayons on paper   =.="

We made a card for friend's fullmoon party
(We Chinese celebrate the 1 month old babies with lavish parties) 
My poor boy, painting his heart out.
Hubby commented that 'people' is probably going to toss it away like rubbish.
True, not everyone will understand art at its finest.

We love our 'chop-chop'

He dug out the IKEA plates and cups.
I tried to get him to do matching but he had better ideas.
He pretend to drink from each cup with a convincing satisfied  "Aaahhh" after each drink.

He felt very musical and raided his music drawer.
The shots are blurry cause he wouldn't stop dancing.


Chinese musical device. Cute drum thingy that Grandpa bought from China especially for the brat.
You can get anything made-in-China in Malaysia but it's the thought that counts.
So, my dear Little Tiger, please think of Grandpa as more than Grandpa.
He LOVES you to bits even if he doesn't say it.  

His 10-bucks-xylophone. (Yup, that's what we are calling it, proudly)

Mommy redeemed RM 50 from ToysRus and bought well, a lot more than that..hmm
Included in the spree is this tunnel.
He rolled, kicked, laughed, crawled & hid for an hour.

Things aren't always fun and perfect in Tiger's Tot School.

He didn't enjoy the bugs printout for the pocket chart.
We didn't do any right brain training.
He detest Little Reader at the moment.
I am afraid to put on Tweedlewink DVDs cause he will ask to do the Numbers Song from Youtube.

So there, our imperfect world that I love..

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