Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Right Brain: Our Homemade Photographic Memory Material

This is an old picture from our archive but this is generally how it looks like on a heavy production day.
The printer is exhausted
The laminator is shivering with fear...
This is our second laminator by the way...
The first one was sent to warranty twice and according to my sister who inherited it, 
it is no longer acting normally nowadays.

The best part about our right brain training is the memory training.
Lil Tiger love his linking memory and photographic memory games.
The problem is, sigh, he wants new materials all the time.
So, I have to make a lot, A LOT..

Here, he was going through the template/background for the photographic memory,
looking for something with ABC in it.
When I told him there wasn't any, he replied, "Mama, make.."
In the end he found a picture with 3 alphabet wooden blocks with A B C printed on it, phew...

Here are the some of the free vectors I made
Laminated of else would I have managed to semi-kill one laminator?

I will share how we play this game tomorrow.
We call it, don't laugh, "ARE YOU READY, GO!"
 It became the name of the game because I used the same phrase everytime before I flash the template,

By the way, my niece, my fatty chubby adorable niece prefers my homemade material to the store bought ones!
I should start selling these @.@

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