Thursday, 11 October 2012

Right Brain: ESP games

Even to an untrained individual, one can certainly attest to the fact that a child is more sensitive to the environment compared to an adult.

Most of us are so blinded by the norm of our daily rhythm that nothing seems interesting anymore.
Imagine looking at the world through the eyes of your child; even the simplest things would astound.
Like a lizard one the ground
A piece of rubbish on the street.
A dog barking in the distance.

As time passes, our brain filters out 'the norm' so that we don't go crazy.
If it doesn't, you would become overloaded.
One can only imagine what life would be like as a savant.

We obtain information from our environment via five physical senses, namely:
visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory and tactile.

Prof Shichida believe that a child is born another five inner senses for perception:
clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, psychometry and telekinesis
He called them:
ESP = Extra Sensory Perception

Honing these skills would further enhance the child's creativity, attention, and intuition.

Initially, I always thought that it was more hocus pocus than a skill.
Then again, after some time, I realised that
Tiger usually gets the correct answers in class if he was focusing (tapping in right brain powers?).
If he was acting like a monkey, it would be wrong.

Also, if the answer was in his right hand, he would be right too.
He tends to go for the answers in his right hand . @.@

For what it's worth, our ESP games always put him on the right mood for learning.
He loves the energy ball games as well :)

Here's one of our games (psychometry)

I placed a small blue spoon into a box and shook it.
Then, I handed him the box, asking
"Can you guess the colour of the spoon?"
Shook and examined the box like a pro.

Opening the box to reveal the answer.

"Yes, blue ohhh!"

"Ha ha ha"

To all the sceptics,
Imagine, 20 years down the line, Tiger as a world renowned clairvoyant,
who makes his living by winning the lottery every month or so...

Me, living off the Caribbeans....

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