Monday, 22 October 2012

Sensory Bin: Halloween Pumpkin Bin

 Halloween is not exactly a big celebration here in Malaysia.
Why? Why not?
I love dressing up the kids, sugary treats, pumpkins, spiders & PARTY!!

We started the week with lots of of Halloween-inspired activities.
As per Tiger's request, we are doing a lot of spider work this year
He was scared of spiders last year. Kids....

One of the rule of Halloween Week is wearing our headbands during playtime.
Here is a make-upless shot of me for you to laugh at.
I was teaching him to make a peace sign but he could only sign "good job"
Must remind help and MIL to stop praising him

This is our Halloween Sensory Bin
I was going to get some black-eyed peas for the base but these dal beans are so much nicer!
They also have a hint of curry/dal smell. Lovely!

In the bin are items recycled from last year.
A large disco-ball pumpkin (light changes colour)
Wax pumpkin
A small pail
Some cut streamers
Small printouts meant for cupcakes/food deco

 A ladle, bottle and funnel for scooping activity
I introduced ounces and mls to him but
he'd rather play "So much for Tiger and A Little Bit for Mama"

He searched for hidden cards and counted them.
We played hide and seek with the cards so many times I lost count.

Can you see the other sensory bin behind Tiger?
Pssst, he loves the other bin more

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