Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tot School @ 27.5 Months

Despite my best effort, our activities are sporadic at best.
Things are a little more complicated with a baby on board.
Tiger would be a little upset whenever a crying baby interrupted his 'class'.

Here are some of the activities that I managed to capture

Introducing whole words with Ladybird series & sponge alphabets.
About a month ago, I tried using just the flashcards and the book but he hated it.
So, it was left sitting on the table until he decided to give it another go.
I read the book to him once, then flashed the cards once.
We laid out the cards on the floor and searched for the words together.
The fun part for him was matching the sponge alphabet to the words.

Tiger was never a flashcard baby.
Meaning, he had always resisted learning via flashcard, prefering a more hands on method.
That was until recently, when he had developed the dexterity to shuffle the cards.
Now, he does this all the time. No Shichida method but fine by all means.

He is still an alphabet addict and I encourage it by playing many, many games, like this:

1. Arranging his wooden letters on play dough. 

Alphabet-labelled elephant puzzle.
This is less than RM10 from Fun & Cheer

I know a lot of preschool teachers are not worksheet advocates
but to me, it always made more sense to doodle on worksheets than plain paper.

He has a thing for Mickey Mouse after attending a Mickey themed party.
So, I printed some worksheets from 1+1+1's Mickey Pack
He kept asking for more!

Learning colours.
His favourite is still purple and according to him, mine is pink ^.^

First with stickers

then colouring...

This is a great activity for recognising letters.
After joining all the M, he dotted letters that I called out.

One lazy Sunday afternoon....
There are some other activities that deserves more detailed post which I will share later.

In the mean time, check out other tots at Carisa's.
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