Friday, 12 October 2012

Montessori: Tongs and Sweeping

I have yet to purchase any real Montessori materials.
At least not until Tiger is three years old.

I would like to use beautiful, natural materials for Tiger to appreciate the
beauty of his belongings but in life, you cannot have everything, right?
So, most of our materials are plastic and sourced from around the house.
As long as he gets the concept, it is fine with me.

For example, he would insist on having a mat to present his materials.
I usually do the rolling/unrolling.

On this particular day, he did not want the mat, which is fine with me.
I am not crazy/OCD (repeat 10x)
 So, I just presented some porcupine balls, a pair of tongs and a bowl to him.
After a short demonstration, he proceeded with the activity happily.
It is always surprising to me when he finds joy in the simplest activity.

Some simple sweeping activity with a small broom and dustpan.

He kept asking for more, so I made it more challenging with small pom poms.
Also, he had to use his left hand.
Combining my two fav learning methods :)

This simple activities keep him occupied and focused for the longest time.

 FYI, he does not find cartoon entertaining at all. I do *grin*
Educational songs on Youtube, yes.
Educational apps, yes.
Oppa Gangnam Style video, YES!
He definitely caught the Oppa Bug.

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