Monday, 1 October 2012

Fine Motor: Tweezing

Once a upon a time, we had a lot of sensory bins.

I was itching to make one for Tiger.
With money and time saving strategy in mind,
I recycled materials from his first sensory bin, The Dinosaur Bin.

Miniature dinosaurs (he loves these)
Poms poms
pieces of green papers (of different materials)

Motive: Tweezing

Playing with the Ipad A LOT during the break kinda screwed up his pincer grip.
Yes, yes, guilty as charged....sigh...

So, I wasn't sure he could do this.
With a little hug and encouragement...lo and behold, my boy can tweeze!
I made it into a game by asking him to avoid touching any of the dinosaurs.

Left hand

Right hand

As part of his right/whole brain learning, I encourage him to use both hands all the time.
Kinda like Brain Gym concept at home.
During our last Ditoso class, his teacher asked if he was left handed ^.^
Tweezing pom-poms

Imaginary play with dinosaurs.
He was saying, "ROAR, bite mama!"
Yeah, well...

This was his reaction when I asked for a kiss.

I have to smother him with kisses more often!

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