Thursday, 4 October 2012

Festival: Mid Autumn Festival 2012

As a child, there were two celebrations that I looked forward to.

One festival is Chinese New Year (firecrackers and ang pows! What's not to love?) & the other being the Mid Autumn Festival (lanterns and FIRE!!! Woohoo!)

It is during the Mid Autumn Festival that my siblings and I were legitimately given the license to play with fire.

Back then, we lived in a small house with a large compund and in that space, there were 5 huge mango trees. The ground was always littered with dead leaves and ermm, dog poop. We had a large German Shepard but that's a story for another day. So, during the Mid Autumn Festival, we would set up a mini 'campfire' with candles, leaves and twigs. Using an old Milo can filled with water, we would make up 'soups' filled with leaves and such, minus the doggie poop, mind you.

Fast forward 20 years later, nobody, okay maybe 2 other kids in the neighbourhood were playing with lanterns on the actual day. We celebrated over the weekend, of course. On Saturday, we had BBQ with the usual suspects.

Mid Autumn 2011..
Lil Tiger was a baldy & Mommy was thin.

Mid Autumn 2012.
Mommy's fatter &
Lil Tiger's all grown up...with a lot more hair and attitude

With his best 'fwen' Lil J.
According to Tiger, he has 2 friends only.
One is Little J and the other, you will never guess it, the security guard in the housing area.
Mommy: Tiger, Smile, Sssssmmmmile.....
Tiger: Wakakaka (fake laugh)
Lil Jay: Wah lao eh. Pattern

He was not afraid of the paper lantern or fire and loved it as much as his battery operated airplane lantern. His favorite activity would be to light the candle, sing on top of our lungs and most importantly, to blow out the candle! His fav song playlist includes: Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Do Re Mi, Solar System Song, but nothing comes close to his All-time Fav: ABC Song.

On Sunday, The kids next door came over and snobbish Tiger did not want to join them initially. After much persuasion, we went for a short walk (REALLY short) with the lanterns. The streets were deserted with only one other household playing with lanterns. When we went back, Tiger joined the kids and asked to switch off the lights so that he can show-and-tell his Cloud B turtle. At the end of the night, none of the kids wanted to go home. Guess you can say that we had a good time. (Stupid me forgot to take pictures)

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