Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Preschool: Sept-Oct Setup

Keeping a blog is not easy, especially when you are not being paid :)
I guess this is what people call labour of love.

 By writing, I get motivated to keep up with homeschooling because
I know I am helping others to discover the joy of teaching.
So, a big thank you to you guys for reading my ramblings.

Besides, I need this for blackmail later on when my
kids decide on which old folks home to send me.
Better be a 5 star one, you munchkins!

Back to schooling business.
After reading this, my main concerns are:

1. Balancing learning with play
2. Should I challenge Tiger with more advanced materials as I have done previously?
3. How do I bring more communication & harmony into the room?

Taking baby steps...

Work Appreciation.

Everyone deserves some, no?
I have displayed Tiger's Apple week work for his other classmate to admire.
I used to chuck his work in the bin after he is done, secretly laaa

Picture No.1
He has no idea that this was Mr Bean. 
To him, it was just an uncle driving a car.
As you can see, I had a lot of say in the Mr Bean one ---> boring

Picture No.2
This other picture, he chose his own colours.
From the colors, I think he wants to be an American.

Writing station.

"Why you write on the cupboard? Dirty laaa"
I am labeling for you 
Ooooo. Thank you mama.
Can you read what I wrote?
Let /S/ roll
Face palm myself. Write, Let's write
Wahahahaha. Ooookay....write

Made a mess-free writing bag for him.
I saw some blogs using hair gel but I didn't have them on hand, so
I used some white glue mixed with water and some blue coloring to match the cards

Chinese Station
Still using Er San Kuai Du
This week, we are focusing on colours.
Starbucks Bear not related to the theme.
He just loiters around because he is homeless.
Added a Craft Bin
This is where I stash materials that we can use to create whatever they can imagine.
Very convenient for pieces of scrap I do not feel like wasting.
  1. Magnetic playset to create pictures
  2. Geometric solids with cards
  3. Three pairs of sensory balloons. (I filled these with salt, Styrofoam balls and rice)

  • Broad stairs (Mama, you cannot keep my brown steps)
  • Blue and red rods
  • Balancing scale with some blocks ( For More or Less Lesson)

We are also trying This Reading Mama's curriculum which is 
for more advanced preschooler's who can recognise letters and their sounds.
A god send.
Trying out our first set this week

Happy Preschooling!

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