Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Baby School: Apple Sensory Bin

I feel like such a lucky girl since practically half of the bloggy world is doing Apples Week for fall.
Finally created a bin using oatmeal, which was one I've been meaning to create ever since I read this post by Green and Pink mama 2 years ago.
Yeah, it took 2 years *shame*

 I  The kids love it!
So simple.
So toddler friendly.
Just messy enough without being dirty.
Lovely scent, especially the cinnamon sticks.
1. Base: Instant Oatmeal (stolen from Grandma)
2. Cinnamon. I bought a small packet from 99 Market which cost me RM 1 for 10 sticks :) It is labelled Kayu Manis
3. Apples from our play-food.
4. Small plastic 'glasses' from Ikea

This is officially Lil Dragon's first sensory bin.
I love watching the her little hands at work.

She always has a cautious expression whenever she has to share with Tiger.
In case the brother is not in a sharing mood.

See why oatmeal is a good idea? Extra fiber for her.

While Tiger was creating some fantastic meal....

....she did this,

 and this...

some stomping..

Some sliding...

Tiger joined her in some 'confetti-style' celebration with oatmeal.
Okay la, I joined also.
We cleaned up together :)

The sensation of digging through the oatmeal is a little like playing with sand.
But much gentler.
Have you ever let sand trickle onto the back of your hands?
It is very soothing.
I poured some onto Lil Dragon's hands and feet and she was entralled.

Tiger repeatedly requested to bury my hands.
It was very relaxing before the whole confetti thing.

They scooped, poured, dug, for some practical & pre-writing skills.

New words were: cinnamon, oatmeal, scent, & confetti :)

This was also the first time Tiger completed the clean up for me
using the little broom and dustpan.

Lots of learning activities packed into a small box.
I think we will be playing with this every night.

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