Friday, 20 September 2013

Little Tiger: 3 years 3 months old

Sometimes, I think my three year old is older than me.
Of course he is still a baby when we talk about the pacifier and throw Lil Dragon into the picture.

He can be diplomatic:

Mama: Darling? you love mei-mei or not?
Tiger:....................... (no comment)
Mama: Love or not?
Tiger:....................... (no comment)
Mama: What about mama, papa, nai nai? Love who more?
Tiger: I love Mama, Papa, Nai nai, all same.  (Again leaving out mei-mei =.="")

He can be a fashionista

Mama: Wear the mickey shoe, it matches your shirt.
Tiger: No, I think the blue one.
Mama: Fine, wear the blue ones.
Tiger: Wait, I ask Papa. 

He can be my mother.

Tiger: Hey! Why you drive so fast? Ai yoh, later accident. Drive slowly okay? I don't want to die.
Mama: @.@ WTF??

He is no longer my BFF
He is  Papa's BFF
Yes, I have been dethroned. I mean, of course parenting is not a race. My children don't have to love me best. I mean, I only carried each one for 9 months, no biggie.The stretch marks, huge feet, bug ass? Pffft, forget about it.......  :(

I am sad, can you tell? I blame the hubs. He thinks it's funny. To irritate him back, I declare that we are both losers. Nai-nai is No.1

He still loves 'study' time

Mama: Good morning, baby! You want to go downstairs?
Tiger: No. I want study.
Mama: Cannot la, darling. Mama have to go to work. Tonight?
Tiger: Ooookay. I see you tonight. *Insert sad face that rips heart out and then shred it into pieces*

A little on studying....
Remember this schedule I made? He absolutely loved it. I soooo adore this smart idea of mine :p
A little like Tools of the Mind, I hope.

He would refer to it every time we 'study' and plan his own thing.
After we are done with each one, he would announce, "I can thing (tick)?"
Then he will put a 'X' next to the picture. (yeah, I know, genius ticks with a cross =.=")

 We spent a lot of time with the Apple sensory bin.
Even my dear Lil Dragon ask for it.
Tried to get the kids to play peacefully but that's definitely work in progress.

Montessori extension became this...

Will update our Apples week soon!
Have a nice weekend :)

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Mama Bun said...

there's hope for me yet, its hard to have kids at this age where they love each other and they don't. We're still in the pushing phase and i'm trying to get them to get along.

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