Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Baby School: Lil Dragon @ 14 months.

Warning: Super lengthy post. 
This is her developmental milestones, playroom and trays update
 rolled into one giant post.

I was talking to my sister the other day and she commented,
"You know, you are not teaching Dragon very much"

I replied,
"Yeah, but I feel she is already very smart"

She was like, "What the............"
Haha, I am allowed to be biased. 

Not that I am lazy (maybe, a little) but after doing so much with Tiger,
I now enjoy the process of learning/teaching more than the outcome.
I have become more experienced.
Also known as ageing laaaa.

Dragon is my precious, like Gollum's ring.
I am addicted to her.
I sniff her all the time...haha!

She is so, so funny.  
Our kakak thinks so too but she is probably biased as well.

For example,
She has a bendy back dance move.

I would be verrrrrry worried if these two decides to pursue a career in dancing.

She also looks funny cause of the chipped front teeth.
Terrible mom, I know.
Nothing we can do about it now.
Her dentist advised for fluoridated toothpaste to prevent caries.
So, we wrestle every night while I sing 
"This Is The Way We Brush Our Teeth" on top of my lungs

She is walking up and down the stairs independently.
A little wobbly still, which scares the shit out of me.
She is a climber.
Chairs, tables, windows, me.
The girl thinks everything that is below knee height is a stool.
Boxes, containers, books, oh and Tiger's head...kesian.

She says 
She still grunts a lot.
Oh, and shout. Definitely her fav way to 'communicate'

She is terrified of strangers. Like pee in pants kind of scared.
So, don't expect her to say hello.
However, she does enjoy going outside or walks
She would ask kakak for shoe and demand to go out whenever 
she has the opportunity.

I moved the books to the other side and she wasn't pleased.
And she wasn't very subtle about it.
Haha, she basically grunted and slammed the cupboard a few times.
The pop-ups and hardcovers are on the highest level but she reaches for them.
Then some toys and her fav ones on the bottom level.
I try to read at least three with her everyday.

More books

Pretend play
She loves to play "telephone" and cooking
The problem is she likes to use my mobile instead of those plastic ones.

She gets simple instructions such as
Can you cook for me?
Can you find xxxx book?
 Find the cat and give to mama
(which is why the cat is on the kitchen)

On the small rack are some
cooking utensils, puppets, bean bags, soft triangles, linking pipes,
stacking toys, assortment of balls
Blocks and noisy stuff.
The Daiso boxes are for storage of manipulatives.
The playroom is where she spends most of her time.
It is where she plays, eats and sleeps.
If I didn't have a full-time help, I will probably have 5 toys in there. Max.
Kakak probably picks up her toys 10 times a day despite
the fact that I told her once a day will do.
I love our new kakak.
So, I wipe, scrub, vacumn and disinfect whenever I rotate the toys.
I wish the colours were softer but  I do like the quiet plastic ones
that I can dump into soapy water.

Baby School Progress
On good days, I may get a scene like this.
Don't be fooled. This probably lasted 10 minutes.

We usually start with some 'group' work like this.
Sensory Bin
Individual work with trays.

For her it takes about 15-30 minutes only

Her trays:
1. Hairy pom-poms for one-to-one correspondence
2.  A clock for her to play with the needles
3. A cup with 2 balls (For Big Vs Small)

1. Simple sorting tray with ipcycled McD drink holder.
2. Dice and counters (simple numbers game)
3. Pegged puzzle

This little girl has a huge appetite
Way bigger than Tiger's
She eats three main meals and snacks non stop in between.
On top of that whenever some one is eating she will always ask for a bite or two.

See her belly? Too cute!

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