Friday, 6 September 2013

Baby School: Lesson 4

Here's a snapshot of the trays for the week.
As a mother of two, I really have no time to position each tray with proper lighting and such.
I just shoot with or without the kids hanging off my neck

From top to bottom, left to right:
  • Please ignore the mini cylinder and play dough (preschooler stuff that shouts DANGER!)
  • Pom-poms and ice cube tray for one to one correspondence; Crayola stamper and paper for palmar grip
  • Number chips and can; pegged puzzle for pincer grip
  • M&D Geometric stacker for palmar grip; Cutting fruit for practical life 
Where is the stacker?

With the little munchkin.
It was 8 in the morning and she was all excited already.
So much so, she pooped.

Our last segment consist of:

Her fav was still the raisin can that I jazzed up with Hello Kitty stickers.
The number chips are from the Montessori set.
She was looking at it intently while I thought to myself,
"Aaaah, see...learning numbers"

The next moment she burst into laughter for no apparent reason.
Tiger wasn't amused since he was 'teaching' seriously.
Looking at this pic, I just realized her head is BIG

She also loved the pom-pom tray.
At the time I am writing this post, a green pom-pom has disappeared.
When I asked Tiger about it, he replied casually,
"Oooh, inside mei-mei stomach"

I muttered to myself, "Oh shit"



mieVee @ said...

After #2 Jae joined in our homeschool, 1 large number 6 peg puzzle has gone missing, which is very strange cos our activities are confined to that 1 room. Just 2 days back, 2 wooden smiley faces disappeared after he played with a puzzle toy. I can't stand missing puzzle pieces.... Argh!!!

Jessica_littletiger said...

mieVee, can you say OCD?
Let's chant together....hahaha.

Btw, I found the green pom pom. It was in MY room @.@

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica! I chanced upon ur blog previously & I just love reading about ur interesting homeschooling activities!
Just wondering about how you plan the activities? Firstly, how do you know what kind of activities are suitable for what age group etc? How do you know those activities are not too advanced for the age group?
Also, any good online sites to recommend so that we can know the right activities to incorporate at the different age phases?
Sorry for the many queries! Just a clueless, newbie mummy here :)

Jessica_littletiger said...


Thanks for reading!

For Tiger, his main activities are reading (eng and chinese), math, right brain, montessori. He 'plans' his own activities now from the schedule board I made.

I normally don't plan unless we are doing a theme. For example if we are doing apples, I will make a sensory bin, gather some maths activity for Tiger, some poems, some craft. These are incorporated into the main activities. Additional activities would be science and messy play.Going to the park and riding the bike is a norm.

For Lil dragon, I usually prepare trays for pincer grips since she is 13 months now. The playroom is filled with lots of pretend play, blocks, and soft toys. So when she is in the study, she picks trays that focus on fine motors, which she loves. Silly games and reading are usually done in the bedroom. Babycenter has a week by week guide. You can refer to dev milestone chart as a guide and make do with the toys u have. If the tray is too advance, I usually replace it

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, v inspired :). Can I ask where you bought those cute pom poms pls

Jessica_littletiger said...

HI dear,

I got mine from a craft shop in I Utama and Daiso.

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