Sunday, 8 January 2012

Tot School: CNY Countdown

‘Un’schooling Tiger Week 17: Chinese New Year Countdown Week (Part 1)

Tiger is 18.5 months
Little Dragon is 13 weeks :)

Since we are counting down to Chinese New Year (CNY), we are a little more 'semangat' this week.

I have decided to do a post of the trays setup followed by his activities the following week to slow down a little. So, here they are:

Fine motor: Hanging ornaments
A mug tree stand (stolen from kitchen) and some ornamental firecrackers and pots of gold.
Tiger was having difficulty with his Christmas ornaments because the strings were short
and the Christmas tree made it tricky.
We'll see if he likes this.

Matching Colours
Gold lumps with paired coloured bases.
I flipped two over for demo purposes :p
If Tiger don't want to match, he has the option of dropping them into the appropriate cups.
He has NEVER matched colours but he can do 2 piece-puzzles of nine different animal faces
?? rebellious or stubborn
Maybe learning colour is his Achilles tendon? Still calls everything 'purple" ^.^

Music tray:
Note: Middle C
A hollow box with the 'C' tuning fork and bell.
He is crazy in love with the forks (purchased from Tweedlewink)
Some corresponding flashcards.
There is one card with the highlighted 'C' on keyboard which I forgot to include.

Wringing: Nuts & bolts
Tiger has been unscrewing bottle caps and spilling water everywhere.
This is just to reinforced his skills and umm, spill more water.

Flower sponges and a pipe cleaner
We haven't done stringing in a while.
This is a stolen idea from Tweedlewink
I wished the flower sponges were pink in keeping with CNY but they only had blue (Daiso)

Vocabulary and Sensory:
Since Tiger ignored the stacker last week, I pimped it out a bit.
Added his favourite pop-out shapes book.
Sensory component is via the touchy-feely flashcards from ELC (30% off).
Very colourful and textured like the Osborne books.

That's all for the trays. I have decided to put out 6 each time and have a few back ups in case he gets bored or simply uninterested.
I have learnt to take the cue from Tiger and pursue HIS interest instead of mine. We'll see if this week's trays are a hit.

The boo-boo tray:
This is a flopped tray. I was trying to make a tree from pipe cleaners for him to place some pink tissues...
What a joke!
In Malay, we'll say "Tak jadi...."
In Hokkien, I'll say "Ka Na Sai"

Update on the World Map:
Tiger has a sudden renewed interest in his map.
He just realised that I replaced the car stickers with flags and he was PISSED!
Threw a tantrum and requested for his cars stickers.
He signed driving and said "Booom, boooom" ( He can say car, btw)
Simply because he was cute, I gave him two...hehe..

A look at his 'new' map
Tiger and the maid (accomplice) removed all the puffy car stickers!!
I had no choice but to put on the flags which aren't as cute.

 Our CNY wall.
Please excuse the ugliness. This is Work In Progress
It will be gorgeous by CNY :)

@@@ 14 days to Chinese New Year @@@

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