Sunday, 15 January 2012

Art & craft: Chinese New Year Inspired Calender

This isn't exactly a Tiger led activity but we love it, so I thought why not share it?

This is the calender outside our bedrooms. I usually change the theme monthly, if I am not too lazy ;p

The Chinese New Year theme adds a festive feel to the house.

Clear Pocket Calender from Daiso. Cheap but the squares are not equal. Can't expect too much for RM 5 :)
Red packets from Fun & Cheer: I chose these for the Tiger graphic. Not so clear in the pic but I assure you they are gorgeous.
Origami paper for dates from Daiso: Lovely Japanese-inspired designs.

*I wrote the days in Chinese, hence the ugliness...LOL

Labelled coloured ice cream sticks from Craft Haven that Tiger loves.
The fake grass at the bottom is from Daiso as well. These are the same ones they use to decorate your sushi.

Chinese New Year is about welcoming spring too, hence the grass, bugs and butterflies :)

The calender is part of our wake up routine:
  • If I kiss or bug Tiger in the morning, he will usually wake up, smiling.
  • Then he will run towards me, trying to jump off the bed, laughing.
  • He will then switch off the air-conditioner and wave bye bye to it while I say. Check if it is closing.
  • Then he will point to his calender and we will name the month, day and date while he tries to insert the sticks randomly :p
  • After that we will go and bug Daddy.

This was the calender in October 2011 with the Ocean Theme. So fun!

@@@ Gosh, only 7 days to Chinese New Year!! @@@

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