Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Art & craft: Tack-It Plum Blossom Tree

We have a lot of blossoms left (I bought too much) and since there is no way Tiger could make a tissue paper blossom tree, I thought why not just put it up on the wall. So easy too!

The initial plan was for Mommy to place the tack-its strategically, hopefully artistically while Tiger tack on the blossoms.

Unfortunately, he struggled with the flimsy plastic flowers and ended up
dropping them more than tacking them

So, we switched roles.
He places the Tack-its and instructs me to place the flowers :p
We also used some pink pom-poms for flower buds.

Smiling for the camera.
Poor boy, he thinks smiling includes closing his eyes as well.
It happens when your parents are Chinese squinty-eyed people.

The blossom tree after some tweaking by Mommy.
I added a tree trunk and some leaves with pipe cleaners,
Our little piece of spring

Easy craft for a 18 month old..
Maybe I'll make a bigger version for the living area.

@@@ 12 days to Chinese New Year @@@
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