Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tot School: No Theme Week At 18.5 months

‘Un’schooling Tiger Week 16

Tiger is 18.5 weeks

This was such a milestone month and I have been half dead...arrghhh.....
Definitely happy to be in the second trimester :)

Finally using spoon to feed and straw to drink.
Phew! Finally some sign of civilisation
Still not keen for toilet training...brat...

Calls the clock,  "cock"

Gross motor:   
He is able to go down the huge playground slide alone.
I think he has been ready for some time now but I was the too chicken to let him go. 

Fine motor:
Obsessed about his puzzles, especially the cheap EVA foam ones.
He can sit still for 10 to 20 minutes to complete a few in a stretch.

He can say 4, 6, 8, 9,10 only but he is able to recognise numbers 0 to 9.
I didn't test him but grandma did by asking him to bring her the numbers randomly.
100% accurate so far
He doesn't seem to mind the testing, he thinks it's a game

He reads alphabets in phonics :)
Able to make the sound for a, o, i, b, c, k, m, p, j
We do both upper and lowercase without problem thus far

Letter A is Ah, ah, apple..damn that youtube video

Tot School:
 Unimaginative Tot Tray Setup for the past 2 weeks :p
Clockwise from upper right:
1. M&D stacker
2. Cord tie to insert into can
3. Bugs rubber band & geo board
4. Numbers puzzle
6. Mini bean bags and bowl

To entice Tiger, I placed the bugs in a bag.

He placed the bugs into the stacking cups instead :)

Only after I made shapes with the rubber band bugs did he show some interest in the geoboard.
He is able to recognise square, circle and triangle. 
He also tried making shapes but it was too delicate at this stage.
Bonus points for trying :)

He has learned to use the chalks on the blackboard.
He used to write with the knobbed side.

 Present from Aunty Sharon from Singapore.
A little advanced but he did fine.

Tiger got bored with the trays very soon.
He couldn't manipulate the rotate to match puzzle yet.
The toss-the-bag game was also a little advanced for him.
The M&D puzzle was untouched.

He created a new tray by asking for his pom-poms and art sponges.
He emptied and transfered repeatedly.
I didn't get a pic of the massive mess he created.

My cutie reader  
This week, he was in love with the Chinese spiral set.
He carried them everywhere he went.

Absolutely in love with the new board.
Tripod grip is a little off this week.

I love blogging. It reminds me that I have been ignoring some lessons that Tiger's been avoiding. Too much Tot School, art, puzzles and un-schooling.

Time to get back on the train:
1. Brillkid
2. Chinese
3. Right brain work
4. Music

In the near future, we will also be doing a lot of crafts and activities with reference to dragons and Chinese New Year.

Finally, Mommy's back.

Joining others at Tot School @ 1+1+1
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