Monday, 11 June 2012

Letter: Happy Birthday

Letter to Tiger

Dear Tiger,

Happy Birthday!

I cannot believe you are actually time flies!

Here's what mommy posted on Facebook (which is a social network created by an American named Mark Zuckerberg. If you can do the same, I would be very happy).
My little birthday boy is 2. 
Dear Tiger, since you came into my life, not a day goes by when I don't feel blessed and contented just by looking at your little face. Your hugs fill me warmth every morning. Your "I love you"s and kisses completes me. 
Everyday, I ask myself' "What have I done to deserve you?" It is a question that I cannot answer. 
Thank you for bringing love, joy, hope and meaning to my life
 I mean every single word.
You are such an awesome little man that the presents started coming on the eve of your birthday. I am posting your gifts so that you will remember to be grateful for all the little luxuries in life that you are in no way entitled to, just very blessed to have. 
Here's one from my boss's missus who haven't even met you in real life :)

Here's the gift that YOU picked and  'forced' ku ku (hubby's sis) into buying.
She was planning to get the Mini Cooper which was half the price of this gorgeous blue one.
Yes, you are...I wouldn't have allowed it if I went along....
 Mommy took the day off to spend the special day with you and Daddy decided to join us :)
See how blessed you are? I hope you will enjoy yourself on your special day...Mommy's off to bed now...
Just for the record, this was when you were 1 year old: 
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