Monday, 30 January 2012

Art & Craft: Our Chinese Zodiac Story

I promised Tiger a Chinese Zodiac story and we did it in the simplest manner.
This activity was done before Chinese New Year but I forgot to post it :p

First, I printed the animals of the zodiac from here.

Then I cut a sheet of pink A4 into half to prepare the background for the race.

If you don't know the story, you can print it here
He wanted to add some round stickers.

We used Tack-its to line up the animals.
They are a lot easier than using glue at this age
As I read the story to him, first in English and then repeated in Chinese, he searched for the animals.

We asked Grandma to label the animals in Chinese for us
*Cause Mommy's Chinese sucks*

Tiger pretty much ignored the zodiac until last night.
He suddenly decided to read the Chinese names of the animals, albeit in gibberish.
So, the zodiac line has a special place under the map for now :)

Next to the map is the new setup for his phonics station.

We are moving out of the CNY theme into a no theme week
I finally changed the tot trays after 2 weeks :p


melissa said...

Love the idea! So nice that you have grandma with the superior Chinese writing skills. It must have been adorable to watch Tiger repeating the names in gibberish :)

Jessica said...

Thanks girl :)

Sometimes, I feel he is mocking my chinese. He has a different reading voice for english and chinese. The Chinese voice is a little squeaky..haha

Alice sharma said...

You have written wonderful article. Greetings and thank you.

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