Monday, 7 October 2013

We love Halloween!

Oookay, it's probably more like mom loves Halloween...
oh well, what the heck

I always feel super inspired during October.
A a result, we I tend to go overboard.

Please bear with the blurry pictures until I get new lens for my DSLR.
My S3 camera is so looks hazy in the pics.

 1. Upper left: Spooky Halloween Small World
Dragon loved the oatmeal apple bin so much, I couldn't bear the thought of removing it.
So, I re-used the oatmeal from the apple bin and added some Halloween deco.
This is a bin about a little boy and girl who is trick-and treating in a spooky neighborhood with giant spiders.

2. Halloween deco for the tot tray area.
If you have been reading the blog, you will notice the banner and decos has been the same since 2011.
Recycle is the new cool, guys.
According to Tiger," Hey, this one I play with Lil J one".

3. Potions lab
I made some simple potions recipe for Tiger but I think we need some messiness to up its cool factor.

4. Monster googly eyes bin
Rehydrated some green water beads and added some googly eyes. I think Dragon wants to live in it...haha!
I love how the munchkins are so, so different.
It took Tiger 3 days to be acquainted to the water beads but Lil Dragon jumped right in.
She squealed in delight and made crazy mess.
Sensory bins are sooooo up her alley ^.^

Happy Halloween Planning!

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