Thursday, 24 October 2013

Halloween Monster Kit

This was a spur of the moment thing since I couldn't think of 
where to chuck this giant sorting container

I saw this pic from No Time For Flashcard which inspired ours.

Can you see Tiger waiting impatiently to dig in?
I was telling him, Wait, go away for awhile laaa. I want to take a picture first.
See? I chase my son away to snap a pic for you guys =.="
I reused the tiny stuff I hoard in the 'craft' drawer.
Speaking of the craft drawer, by the way, it is full of junk and not crafty at all.
We have some
googly eyes, golf tees, glass beads, butterflies, straws.

Can you guess what he'd made?

The saddest Snow Monster ever!

I am not going to sugar coat things and say what a great experience this is.
Truth is I bloody hate PlayDoh.
The floor is gross after play.
There will be bits everywhere.
And that is not the worst

The absolute killer?
Mixing different colours.
God, I swear my blood pressure shoots through the roof.
And what did Tiger do?
He rolled white, red and black together.
New ones that were just birthed from the container.
So wangi
So soft.
They were like, virgins......

Tiger saw the look on my face and ran out of the room, shouting
"I go sleep now. Good night. I love you mama. Bye"
In one breath.

Nasty little thing.

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