Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

This year's Halloween was hosted by Not Me!

So I offered to make these party packs.
Made it a little more special with personalized name tags.
In it, some typical party hats, noise makers, some candies, bubble solution or
noisy hammer, do a dot worksheet with orange stickers (I had to), and bibs for the babies

Banner, decos and games by my sister Winnie

Someone went overboard with these :)

Toilets tubes ghost and ghost lollies!
Hairbands for mommies to take pic with &
mask for the kids

Does this look creepy?

 Tiger was supposed to be a pirate but as usual...he didn't like it.
So, we switched his old Spiderman with Cutie L who wanted Superman.
Same colours ma Spidey and Superman...hihi
So, he became Batman

 My sweet niece as a witch.

My handsome nephew as a booby Superman.

 Lil J, suave as usual, as Vampire

Sour face Batman.
Oh, this picture is to prove that I am not as fat as the Bella show me.
See, my head is only as big as lil J's head!

My sweet fairy princess who wore her costume form 5 pm to 9 pm 
She also missed a naptime and conked out on the way home.

Other cutie came as Fairies, a nurse, cuuuute. 
This Halloween is also significant for Tiger as he had his first lollipop.
It was also some kids' first exposure to candies.

Sensory bin that the kids scooped and scooped for the longest time

Baking soda and vinegar: uncover the eyeballs! 

 Ice monsters

We played 'pass the parcel' where everyone got a gift >.<

Food, yumz
We had some KFC, meehoon, nuggets, fried rice, fruits tarts, donuts,

Aunty Sharon made this most delicious gula melaka and santan jelly.
To die for....
If only there were some cendol inside....slurrrppp.

I had wine...yay!
Sorry, I need alcohol in my life.
It is the key to keeping me sane+ a happy, loving married life + a doting supermom.
Send a Lambrusco if you love me ^.^


We had a blast.
It was peaceful, fun, filled with love and wonderful people.
Happy Halloween!!

Signing out, errr,

What is Batman's catch phrase, ya?


Rebecca Sia said...


Adna said...

Well done mummy, it all looks so fun.
And you're so pretty Jessica !! :)
By the way how do you hide eyeballs in baking soda and vinegar? and how do u uncover them?
I wanna try 'hiding' toys too :)

Jessica Tan said...

Thanks Rebecca. We had a great time thanks to all the mommies :)

Jessica Tan said...

Awww, Adna. You are my new fav person after Tiger and Dragon la, of course. Wink >.<

I'll have to ask my sister about the baking soda...she used ping pong balls to make eyeballs btw, very cool!

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