Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Math: Worksheets, oh worksheets!

3 year 4 months old

Remember this schedule I made?
He loves checking it and deciding his own thing.
We'd already cycled, visited the playground and did messy play
but he was like, "It's okay, that one can do again"

 Double standard.

Recently, it was all about Math.
Since he is not attending preschool/kindy, he thinks worksheets are fun.

 I bought this book from MPH for about RM 20
I didn't know it is a bestseller when I chose it.
I just liked the concept and presentation.
Well, Tiger love it (Mighty good taste I have)
You can check it out here

Because it is so pricey, I wanted to recycle it for Dragon.
So, we use it with our Crayola Dry Erase Board & Daiso markers.

Here are some of his work.
As you can see, it is not too tough.

Simple counting

  I combined it with some counting abacus beads to make them more hands on
and to make it more concrete for additions.
Tiger actually hates it when I add stuff.
He thinks I am slowing him down :p
Too much right brain work??
He cannot write number 6 or 8 yet, so I write the answers for him.
No forcing allowed.


I created some simple patterning strips with stickers as well.
We practiced some scissors skills after that.

I have to limit him to 1-2 sheets per day.
His seriousness towards 'work' is not limited to homeschool time.
His attitude in BaoBei is the same.
He is almost done with Set A cards (about 100 words).
Not bad for a banana.
 It's just who he is. 
A boy who loves learning, words, and numbers.

If your child loves to play and find worksheets boring,
use your daily activities to reinforce numbers.
We count absolutely everything.
Trees, birds, fruits, money, etc.

If it's any consolation, Dragon girl will probably do zero worksheets.
Her attention span is as good as a fish's

She looked at this puzzle for 5 seconds before asking for....
.....this sticker activity that was included in the Halloween party pack.
After I laid it out for her, she took one look and walked away!

God, I hope she is really tall and beautiful when she grows up.
Please, please do not let get my shorty genes.


Mama Bun said...

love your lil dragon, reminds me of my Pineapple bun. How do you keep her attention? if i can't find something for Pineapple Bun, i let her wander until she finds something she likes.

I also read your sensory bin post but couldn't post a comment. Hotdog Bun (same age as your tiger) likes the boxes but i'm afraid to let the little sister go near it for fear of eating what;s in it (dried beans), do you let lil dragon play together with tiger and the sensory boxes?

Jessica Tan said...

Hey mama Bun,

Right now, she basically does the following:

1. Takes all the orange Crayolas, sit down, draws on floor (only orange crayons. God forbid pink or red)
2. Walks around the room, removes things from the trays onto the floor
3. May or may not focus on one activity (Mostly not)
4. Checks out Tiger's work and disturb him
5. Looks for the sensory water beads bin (no longer there since 2 weeks ago) and make a fuss.
6. Sits on my lap and asks to bf

So, I just follow her like a puppy dog..haha. Tiger hates it when she joins us :)

With the bins and trays, I tend to watch her very closely since she occasionally still mouths things. Until she is 3, I don't think I can stop worrying.

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