Thursday, 10 October 2013

Giveaway: KHT Montessori by Living Montessori Now

KHT is an online Montessori Course.
I am too peanut of a blog for KHT to sponsor a givaway but
Living Montessori Now is having one right now.

It is worth almost RM1000, so don't be shy....join la.
If you win but you think, "Aiks, I don't like"
Nevermind..... gimme.

If you win and then you think, "How laaa, must spend so much money to buy
Montessori stuff"
Nevermind, can replace the Montessori materials with DIY materials.
Or you can gimme, again.

This also reminds me about the Montessori at Home review
and the Montessori Print Shop one I have been meaning to do.
Almost one year ago

Yes, I am ashamed of myself

Anyways, don't miss this opportunity, guys.

Click here to join and good luck.

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