Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Homeschool Setup: October 2013

Lil Dragon: 15 months
Lil Tiger:  3 year 4 months

Lil Dragon is still exploring with her mouth when it's something new
and exciting to her.
The itty bitty things in 'class' are pretty meh to her by now
 but I still watch her very, very carefully.
Verrrry sneaky, this one. Almost like Smeagol.

Tiger is currently,
  • an emergent reader
  • doing simple additions and subtractions
  • very much into painting and coloring
His latest creation: The Solar System.
So abstract, kan?
I really love this painting of his but you can have it for RM 50.
Any takers?
Come on, may be worth millions one day. 

<<< >>>

I have no idea what to call this instead of circle time.
This is where we start our class and decides what Tiger would like to do.
We have his schedule, calender and some theme books.
This week, we are still reading Halloween books.
On the wall is his new Solar System poster.
(He can do Solar System for the whole year)

Tiger is into counting now, so we will be focusing on that.

This is the math center as per his request
1. Balancing scale with counting bears {more or less}
2. Blue and red rods; 0-10 cards, number clips {zero to ten}
 3. Colored beads and blocks for free play/sums/patterning

Bought this box from Fun & Cheer for RM 6.80

Fine motor and Lil Dragon's corner

   Some stickers for Dragon's old can

Threading buttons for Tiger & an extra for Dragon (to minimize fighting)

 Reading station
Mother Goose and finger puppets for finger play
 Chinese (Shi Wu Kuai Du)
Reading pen
Kohwai and Young Word Family 

I wish I can say we do all the above but we don't.
Only when the kids feel like it.
Or we just read stories before bed.
Studies show that early reading don't make a difference in later academic achievement.
Both the kids love playing with musical bells .
 I taped three A4 sheets together and drew a musical staff for him 
to place some felt notes on.
We use them for solfege.

Sensory bins
Dragon plays with the water beads EVERY night.

Sometimes, I am very lucky and I get this.
When I invite Tiger to join Lil Dragon, he replied.
No need. So smelly and wet. I crayon la..
Action betul

My Lil OCD requested for balloons and came up with this human burger.
He was carrying four but by the time I snap, he was left with these.
He is so nerdy, it hurts...hihi

My very cool lab creation?
Collecting dust...
Sigh..not easy to please these kids, you know.


Swathi said...

I love your blog. I have same age kids of yours but both are girls for me. I love reading your post its so funny and enjoyable to read. I even show your posts to my husband some time.

Swathi said...

I love your Montessori Materials where do u buy them. Is there any online website for that. I live in US.

甯妈妈 said...

Hi,Jess,where you bought ur new Solar System poste n the balancing scale?
blue n red rods is from the montessori set you bought?

Jessica Tan said...

You have made me blush...hihi...shy ady laaaaa.

Jessica Tan said...

I used to see some on Amazon but I think the closest you can get is from Brilliant Minds. Ours are imported from China.

Jessica Tan said...

Hi girl,

The poster is from K Mode Marketing in Puchong.
It was the last piece but I think you can call and ask them to check if they have anymore.
It was the only thing Tiger wanted (besides all the Little Tikes outdoor toys that costs >1k la).
I was like poster or toys? He chose poster...Muahahahaha.

The balancing scale is from USL but it is also available in K Mode.

Yup...the rods are from the Montessori set.

Here's the K Mode link. Most items are on sale 20-60%.

Swathi said...

Brilliant Minds doesn't have sensorial kits. I like the mini Montessori kits. By any chance do you about this website http://www.aliexpress.com/. If so what do u think about that( I mean about the shipping and quality). Do u have any web address for the products u bought from china. Thank you for your help.

Jessica Tan said...

Hi Swathi,

I think the shipping may not be worth it at the end of the day and buying from Montessori Outlet may be even better. For other materials, you can actually DIY or use home materials. Montessori At Home by John Bowman is a really great guide for budget friendly moms.
PS: Aliexpress pricing is crazy like 10x the seller price here.

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