Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lil Dragon: She wants to be a Malay chick

At 15 months, she doesn't speak much to be a genius but when she opens her mouth, I just die from laughing.

I foresee that she will be speaking broken Chinese (like Tiger), a smattering of English and super cun Malay.

Mak, Mak! she yells.

MAK. Instead of good old mama, like the brother. I thought my hearing was failing me but nope, clear as a bell....MAK! MAK!


In 10 years, she will be saying, Jom la Mak. Kita 'rang lepak le. Rilak bro....

In 30 years, "Oh pocot, mak kau, tahi kucing." Also known as melatah.
I used to startle the NICU ward sister, Kak Pah just to hear her melatah...haha!

My brother used to speak Malay exclusively for the first few years but now, he curses really well in different dialects. No worries about picking up other languages la. A myriad of languages boost IQ too, did you know that? No need to attend French classes..Malaysia has so many to choose from. If you want, you can also learn from the Bangladeshi, Vietnamese, Nepalese, etc. More useful than French too.

The other night, I wrapped a towel around her head and pretended it was a headscarf. Not bad.
She is so pretty. *swoon*  Me, very proud of me self. I marvel at my creation every single freaking day.

Somebody posted in a mother's group on Facebook, "Do you ever feel like a bad mother?'

Surprisingly, the answers were:

yes, everyday. 
I am a careless mom 

My first thoughts were, Walao eh...serious bor??? Post partum depression can last so long one?

Don't get me wrong, I know depression because I had it post partum, but to be so hard on yourselves....sigh. I prefer my cup half full.

Being a mother is such a daunting task. No manual, no mothering tuition, no obvious right vs wrong method. Of course we beat ourselves up. On top of that, those stupid celebrities shed weight like removing panties. Arrgh...

Giving birth sans painkillers does not make you greater, just dumber. Breastfeeding doesn't make you superior. Blending buckets of baby food doesn't mean you are a kitchen goddess. Motherhood is not a pissing contest.

So, I say...chill out. Love yourself first, then everyone around you will feel loved too. Don't be overly self indulgent la. That is just plain vain and dumb. Children learn from watching you, so the little things in life mean a lot in the end. Drink your coffee, do your nails, stay hot (for yourself, not your man). Have a healthy, sexy marriage. *wink wink*

To my 15 month old daughter, I am trying my best, okay? Give chance a bit if mama screw up once in while. I wish you will grow up to

Be open minded.
Be kind
Be adventurous
Be courageous
Be hungry to learn
Be a voracious reader
Be a food and life lover
Be a good person
Be a good Malay Chick??? (We just keep in view la, this one)

If you want to be a Malay chick and embrace Islam, I will be gutted because you will not be able to sembahyang me on Ching Mings but oh what the heck! I 'll get over it. Islam is a fine religion when not used as a political weapon.I seriously HATE it when politicians use religion to provoke racial disharmony.

You can be anything! (even a carpet...hihi)

Just dumping my thoughts on you guys >.< No offense to our Malay readers, ya?

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