Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Froebel Gift 4: Forms of Life

Occasionally, I will sneak some Froebel's blocks into our study time.
Their favorite: still these yarn balls...
Printables from Confessions of A Homeschooler

 When I presented Gift 3 to him earlier on, he didn't know what to do with the 8 cubes.
I demonstrated a series of Form of Life to him, namely
a wall, two towers, chair, train, stairs, etc.
and Tiger just copied whatever I created for him using some purple blocks.

When I opened Gift 4, he said, 
"Come, I show YOU. Hmmmm.....what can we make."
I was cheering and skipping inside, finally, some creative initiative!
I could hear his brain working and he had his thinking face on :)

First, he created a domino effect.
Nothing spells fun like destruction.
He had to be delicate and continually adjust the distance between two blocks
to create the right distance.
We repeated this creation many times.

The next one, I didn't like.

Clearly, MIL has been too indulgent with his TV time.
He created a big TV.

Adjusting his big, comfy sofa.

This simple one blew my mind.
It was initially a table but he added a block below the table and said,
"This is papa barbeque one, the bottom one is kakoal for fire"
A BBQ Grill!
Creating without destroying :)

 A bed.
He asked for pillows and blanket.

Then he turned around and shouted, "Mama, don't look, don't look..I have a surprise for you."
I was anticipating a cake or some stupendous creation.
A wall
Oh well. I said, "Sturdy"

He redeemed himself with....Ze' Toilet.
Bwahahahahha...didn't expect that but it is my personal favorite.
He was telling me where the pooping action should take place.
Two side blocks are for resting your arms,
and ermmm, to put coffee/book while waiting.
Complete with a high back and soft pillow for comfort.
The flush button is also on the right hand side for convenience

Kids...and their crazy ideas.
Should I patent the toilet design?
Perhaps I should throw in a coffee maker?
Coffee is good for pooping.
Let me discuss with hubs and see what he says.
Till then, do tell me some stuff your kids did/said :)

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