Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Grit & Determination

Some people are very driven for success.
They are focused, they do not give up easily and they are goal-oriented.
I am not.
I would be miserable if I had to live like that.
Tiger is terrible at failing. A sore loser.
If he fails, he would give up and walk away.
I will have to encourage him with words, hugs, kisses...the works.
With whatever intelligence he has, it will all account for nothing if there is no drive.
On the other hand I have this little fighter.
She may be only 2 but she is probably more determined than all of us put together.
Doesn't back off.
'I will try until I die' attitude.
This is her with her 26 blocks, last night.

With about seven blocks left and I had to grab my camera.
I forgot to switch off the flash and it annoyed her.

She pauses and readjust the blocks when needed.


 At this point it was already taller than her.
Tiger is at the computer, watching phonics video meant for her.
The blocks were to supplement the learning but...nevermind.
This one is a creator, not a reader

The last block

And..... crashed onto her face and body.
She was shocked and a little disappointed.
I could tell.
She walked towards me and sat in my lap.
She hugged me tightly and sniffled a bit.
 One minute later, she was back to trying again.

It's the same when she is playing golf.
She tries and tries even though she couldn't.

She inspires me to try harder.
To put in a little more effort.
You only need to be extremely good in one thing in life.
Jordan, Trump, Madonna, Phelps, etc.
I bet not everyone I mentioned is on the Dean's list.
Find their niche, harness their magic.
Nurture their gifts.
Whatever else, just try their best.

on the importance of grit for success.

PS: In case you are questioning my sanity on her fashion choices,
she is her own fashion consultant.


Anonymous said...

Adorable girl :)
Loves her hair!

Btw where you get the alphabet blocks? it looks more beautiful than Melissa&D's.


Jessica Tan said...

Hi Hamizah,

I take full credit for the hair :p
Haha...she threatens to tear down the hair salon every time the stylist approaches her.
The blocks are M&D's but the classic ones. I have not seen them locally since Think Toys closed down. I think they have discontinued this version, cant find it on the official website. They were actually pricey even with discount but too beautiful pass on. Dragon's fav blocks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica

Oh, your beautiful hair! Not realized it since rarely saw your picture here :)
Clever girl! Wait until she know how to choose all the cute pink hairbands and etc accessories.

Haha... it's Melissa Doug. I thought they only have that 'not so beautiful' blocks version.
Anyway thanks!

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