Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Week in October 2014

The last week had been one of our low-production weeks.
Mondays are usually no school days since I usually work till late.
Mid week, we were distracted by Dragon's Halloween costume.
Sneak preview of the back only :)
She loved it even though it was a tad tight around the belly.
 Tiger and I went to the toy store after his music class to buy the amulet and crown for her
and he conveniently bought two more Pixar cars, Bob Cutlass and Darrell Cartrip.
He chose Bob for completion of book 7A.
I hid Darell in my underwear drawer since he is refusing book 7B right now.
Everyday, he'll ask, "Mama, do you remember where u keep Darrell?"
Imagine if someone overheard..Is Darrell her stepson? Or goldfish? 

At the toy store, he was also asking for this 

which is a repackaged version of this.
*raise right eyebrow*
Sneaky toy makers, I know watcha trying to do.

 I said no to buying replicas and when we got home, 
I gave him this and it was the first time he moved on from C-V-C words!
I don't know about you but I've never studied phonics or silent Es in school.
I learnt it from Alphablocks...haha.
When he spelt ICE, the very intelligent toy dog named Scout said
E is silent in ice
I was like, "WHOAAAA"
But I'm not very smart, so, you be the judge la.
Worthy investment, in my humble opinion. And you can skip the two toys above

We painted some plaster with the girl.
She is naturally comfortable with paint

The boy's all grown up.
The first time we painted plaster he was only 19 months old.

Since they were in the mood for Halloween, I made some "blood" for pouring.
She poured non-stop for 30 minutes.

I made it more difficult for Tiger by asking him to pour an approximate amount
like 100 mls or a quarter.

We use this Spot-the-Difference book from popular fair for our right brain practice.
He will memorize the picture on his Left for 10 seconds.
Then I will fold the book ask him to circle the 10 differences on the page to the Right.
If he answers correctly, he gets to stamp "Good Job" on it :)

I also introduced some simple subtraction to him this week using
some free Halloween worksheets from Royal Baloo.
I think he was saying 'four' in this picture :)

We also did a lesson on odd-vs-even.
This time, I told him odd is one-syllable, hence the last cube has no partner
E-ven has two-syllable, therefore the last cubes are in pairs.
 Then, I pointed out the pattern to him on the 100 board.
One is odd, so all numbers ending with one are odd.
And I repeated with all the odd numbers.
Now, when I ask 97 or 67 or 34 is even or odd?, he could answer me very confidently.
Yay for homeschooling!

Just when I thought I was a good teacher..I have this monkey girl who teaches me humility.
"Cat, dog, cow, duck, horse, horse..."
"Ehhh, that's a goat"
"No, horse!"

She was pissed with my behaviour and busied herself by spinning this hippo.
She loves these and many a time, goes to bed with one in her chubby palm. 

Sometimes, school is interrupted simply because they had better things to do.
Like riding Kater Katoo, the stuffed caterpillar

School was also cancelled again on Friday when we rotated his toys.
Despite the fact that I had to duct tape the tracks together, he was so happy :)

Princess is in a stack-everything-in-sight mood. 
She stacks literally everything...blocks, paints, shoes, stones. 
Here she was playing with hubby but I cropped him out for indecent dressing.
The blog is rated 13 PG.

A couple of her cute/funny expressions

She has shown some interest in golf.
I hope she chooses to excel in golf instead of say, carom :p
Low contact sports with proper,nice clothes AND big prizes...what's not to love?
If she becomes the next Michelle Wie, could you guys please note that her mother (me)
had nurtured her gift and she shall not place the mother (me) in an old folks home no matter how senile the woman becomes. Thank you.
If she chooses to be an artist...can also la...
My wallet was crying after I bought some charcoal and 
a huge bag of  Crayola art supplies from Art Friend in the Gardens.
Anywhere else selling Crayola with discount?

The kids spent Sunday at Ekids where a few hours of running around cost me rm 100 (wtf?)
But that meant dating and shopping time with hubby :)
He kept whining while we were at the Baby Fair, I ended up with nothing to buy.

The boys in the 3D ride before we went home, exhausted.

I am learning to let go and let them learn at their own pace.
So, that's basically our week in pictures.
 Oh, we also spent a lot of time at the park but I never bring my phone anymore.
Must distance myself from Facebook when I am with the kids :)

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