Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Tiger's Papa

 I don't know about your husband, but mine nags whenever I buy something for the kids.
  1. Stop buying books
  2. The house is already full of toys
  3. AGAIN? How many blocks they need?
  4. What did you buy again? Why must you buy all the time?
He's making pointless claims.
Let me break it down for you
  1. You can never have enough books. Reading is the path to enlightenment, right?
  2. The house is NOT full of toys. I've passed the baby ones to my sister.
  3. Pffftt...it's so obvious he never read any parenting books.  We all know blocks are the best.
  4. Stupid question. Refer to point number 2. 
But he has some redeeming points.
Like when he helped Tiger paint last night.
Tiger almost NEVER paint.
Seeing hubs laughing and holding Tiger's hand, I felt so complete and loved.
"You are enjoying this, aren't you?"
Hubs gave me one of his sheepish smile which I love.

I was going to be mushy and tell him,   
Baby, you are the best and I am so lucky to be with you...
when he suddenly asked, "Who is cleaning up this mess?"
His Mini-me answered immediately, "Mama laaaaaaa"
"Okay, then we can continue to paint"

And they were serious about leaving a mess behind

Looking at this painting, hubs clearly has no artistic talent whatsoever.
Look at those crows! And the people are creepy. I hope that's not me in pink.
Dragon definitely got her artistic flair from me.
Her cuteness too, I presume...hehe
This baby girl will always be papa's favorite.

The other day, someone asked me..
"How do you know if you have married the right man?"
I don't think there is answer to that.
Marriage is a journey.
Sometimes he is charming and nice.
Sometimes I just want to kick his balls.
One thng for sure, there will be good AND bad times.
 The blissfully married ones are the ones who worked on their marriage,
so that they collect moments and memories that make it all worthwhile.
I want to be that old couple who still hold hands for a walk.

I know ours will work out because exactly one week ago, 
he took me to watch Harith Iskandar's show in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.
He doesn't particularly enjoy stand-up comedies but I LOVE them.
So, he was doing this for me.
A journey there would have normally taken 40 minutes.. took us 3 freaking hours.
We got lost on the way to Sg Long to pick up a friend.
As if that wasn't bad enough, we then took a wrong turn and went to

That Putrajaya part was solely my fault. I'll admit it.
Everything that could go wrong, went wrong.
Low batt, no signal, stupid Google map, no signal again, wrong turn, no petrol.
I was already in a foul mood but hubby was as cool as a cucumber.
The only thing he said to me was, "You just sit quietly. We will listen to Waze now."
Whatever la.
We were almost an hour late but because we are Malaysians, we didn't miss much!
Still got to watch Jason Leong make fun of his mom's ass.
He was only the first act!
So proud to be Malaysian, one hour late is roughly about 15 minutes in Hong Kong time :)

Anyway, my point is....only the good man can turn a series of bad luck into a happy occasion.
He is just too cool ^.^
On top of that,
He is kind and considerate.
He is unforgivably hardworking.
He is smart and funny. 
And he's off the market, guys.

I told him on the way home that he has really great EQ.
Something else to add to his 'good' list.
If it was me driving, I would have thrown a massive tantrum and driven home.
Here's a graph representing us.

I believe in looking at my husband's strong points rather than picking at his faults.
Nobody's perfect. So, I'll just let him nag as much as he wants and shop secretly.
Yup, the secret to my blissful marriage is by being a sleuth shopper.

Jokes aside, I hope I have inspired a few of you lovely ladies
 to put more effort into your marriage.
Here's a quote I love

I also love this article especially #9.
Just read it, you can thank me later!

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