Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Play Sand vs Kinetic Sand

I wasn't going pay a king's ransom for sand, I swear.
It's peer pressure.
Sigh...I bought 5kg for rm 200 
When hubs asked about the price, I pretended I was taking a very important call.
Smart diversion is the key to marital bliss, trust me.
Otherwise slash the price of everything by at least 50%.
When they find out..."Oh..tsk tsk tsk...luckily I bought before the price went up"
If that fails, offer some bed yoga.

Tiger is a huge fan of sand play.
 So, I know my purchases will not go to waste.
I was hoping that the Kinetic sand will add another dimension of exploration and 
creativity to his play.
The important question here is...
.Is it worth the money?

Tiger's demo on cutting sand.
Halfway, he asked, "Are you sure this is sand?"
Haha...yup, it's that cool.

It's has the consistency of soft gooey dough without the wetness and stickiness of wet sand.
Like any other messy play, it stimulates the senses and I always feel very relaxed
when I am manipulating it in my hands.
Just don't think about the clean-up process while you are at it.

My little nerd boy used it for spelling words.
Here's a list of ideas for playing with Kinetic Sand
There are tons of ideas on pinterest as well

I would love to have a sand pit but they neighbours' cats will think I was being charitable
by providing free toilets.
So, our play sand is kept in a little container and they can take it out whenever they fancy some play.

I can watch them play all day long but Dragon girl doesn't like sand on her feet :)
Just like how Tiger was at her age but she's a slightly less OCD version.
After 10 minutes, she like, "Okay, all done"

Tiger on the other hand can do this for hours.
The boy who used to hate getting sand or dirt on his feet and clothes can 
now grin happily as he gets messy.

Making mama a pot of soup!

So, the 3 major differences are

1. Pricing (obviously)
rm200 for 5 kg of Kinetic Sand  vs rm30 for 10 kg of ELC play sand
(I was told to scoop from nature on our next beach holiday :p)

2. Mess level
On a scale of 1 to 10, Kinetic Sand is probably a 3
Play sand is a 9
Which is why sand is never allowed indoors

3. Creativity 
For us, they are both a valuable part of our messy play.
Kinetic Sand has an edge here because you can just create anytime
without having to add water and they are less likely to crumble.

Is it worth it?
In my honest opinion, yes.

I cannot wait for our next beach getaway :)

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