Wednesday, 5 November 2014

No Brainer Light Table

Since I cannot stop organizing, I found that I have an extra side table 
after relocating the printer.
I created a 'spaceship'  in the new found space for my little nerd. 
Promise to blog about that later :) 

I stared at that side table and it just screamed light table!
The pink stain on the leg came from the old CISS printer.
The printer we're using now is Canon E510, the ink-saving model.

For this project, I used things I already had:

  • the above side table or you can use any transparent container
  • Fairy/LED lights
  • Insulation sheets
That's all.
Our side table from IKEA is made from transparent corrugated cardboard on a wooden frame.
I do not know it's IKEA name but if you know, please do tell.
To make the sides opaque, I used some insulation sheets from Daiso.
Matte on one side, reflective on the other.
Just perfect!

The lights:
I just bought another strand of white LED lights from F&C the other day.
so that the reading area is better lit.
While I was there, I also grabbed these little paper lanterns for only rm 1.60 each.
Shopaholic problems, I know...

 For the light table, I used the second strand of lights and tadaa!!!

That's Dragon girl stacking away!

I know you are going to ask about the blocks.
I bought them from a shopaholic Facebook group.
These are wooden blocks with different inserts: acrylic, sand, beads and coloured water.
I cannot tell you how much they cost because I conveniently told hubs I forgot :p 
But the important thing is Dragon loves them.
Considered early Christmas present la.

For some weird reason, Dragon girl aka princess do not like to play on the floor.
Therefore, she didn't really like the homemade Antonius LightBox.
You can read about the Antonius box version here.
 Sigh....I love upcycling useless things :)


Rebecca Sia said...

oh Jessica.. can you tell me which facebook group or link me to the seller?
my dragon boy very into shapes now... i can see his excitement with this set!!

Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing where you bought the blocks from? been searching for it for ages but no luck :)
thanks ya!

Jessica Tan said...

It's a closed group on facebook. Can I have your email (used for facebook) for invitation? :)

Jessica Tan said...

It's a closed group on facebook. Can I have your email (used for facebook) for invitation? :)

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